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Practical Awakening - English

The course Practical Awakening provides you with a stable foundation from which to support your inner awakening. It consists of a 7 hour course offered as a initial Tao one- on- one package or in a group setting. This teaching module is a pre-requisite for further courses, workshops and retreats.

Participants are supported as they learn to incorporate a simple and engaging meditation practice in their daily life. Commitment to this practice yields great results:  a strong sense of feeling grounded and connected, improved mental clarity and a broader understanding of life’s potentials. It is a powerful tool of self- awareness. An introduction to the practical dynamics of the inner witness opens the possibility of establishing pure presence and authenticity.

What to expect:

  • yoga, breathing exercises( pranayama) and meditation
  • an introduction to bioenergetics, including an exploration of your interaction with life through mind, body and emotions
  • one hour naturopathic consultation based on Ayurvedic medicine
  • teachings on your individual body type and constitution


  • One on one sessions/ 7 hour Tao package: $525 /$75 per session
  • One-on-one sessions: $95 per session
  • Group Setting: 6 hour course: $275 $

Further teachings: In order to deepen your commitment to the inner path, you may consider enriching the first level of teachings with workshops and retreats.


Questions? Commentaires?

Name: Joanne De Grace
Phone: 819-778-0900 poste211